What is Fashion Future Challenge Award?

With increasing public concerns over environmental and social issues, fashion brands nowadays are facing heightened challenges to satisfy the ever-demanding consumers. The growing social consciousness of nowadays consumers has led brands and manufacturers to put more effort in developing sustainable products that minimise environmental impacts, improve labours’ working conditions and increase transparency across their supply chain. To cope with the trend while maintaining or even improving product quality at the same time is never an easy task. Therefore the members of the industry are all eager to have feasible solutions to tackle fashion future challenges.

Fashion trend is always attractive to the public, youngsters and adults alike. But they may not be aware of the impact of the fashion industry and how it may affect our environment and society. While for those who are interested to join the fashion industry, they may not be familiar with the supply chain and how a product goes through different steps to reach the end consumers.

Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) has therefore set its sight in launching the Fashion Future Challenge Award (The Award) to provide a platform for the next generation to brew, exchange and share their creative ideas to help tackle the fashion future challenges in the future 5 to 10 years. The Award is open to all students from local universities or tertiary institutions. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply as a team (2 to 5 students per team). Each team has to submit an abstract and then a proposal (if selected by judges) on how to solve fashion challenges in the future 5 to 10 years.

Fashion Future Challenge Award aims at assisting students to:

  • Propose solutions for the Fashion Industry to tackle challenges in the future
  • Experience cooperation with students from varying academic disciplines
  • Develop creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skill and presentation skill
  • Interchange ideas with specialists/professionals from the industries
  • Enhance knowledge of sustainability, environmental protection and fashion nowadays

Major Sponsor: CreateHK
Prize Sponsor: The Mills

Prizes for the Winning Team
  • Internship (to each member of the winning team) offered by The Mills (南豐紗廠)
  • HKD 15,000 Cash Prize sponsored by The Mills


Assessment Criteria

Proposals will be assessed by the Judging Panel in the following four areas:

  • Innovativeness

Innovative ideas demonstrating insights into the industries and capabilities to meet the industries’ needs

  • Feasibility

Feasibility of the proposed solutions to be applied in the industries

  • Sustainability

Balance between economic, social and environmental performance

  • Contents Comprehensiveness

Ability to apply acquired skills and theoretical knowledge to provide innovative and practical business solutions

Judging Panel
The Judging Panel consists of 6 judges with different specialisms (e.g. innovative technology, fashion design, research & development, manufacturing procedures, supply chain management, sales & marketing, etc.)


SEP 2018 – FEB 2019 (Phase I)           
Call for Application:
Submission of Abstract & Proposal Powerpoint

MID-FEB 2019 (Phase I)                  
Application Deadline (before 15 February 2019 10pm)

LATE-FEB 2019 (Phase II)                  
Selection of 5 Entries (announced by end of February)


MAR 2019 (Phase III)           
Submission of Final Proposal for Presentation (submitted by early March)     

Presentation of the 5 selected teams

Assessment on Teams

Award Announcement

Application Guidelines