London Study Mission


(by Invitation Only)


London is one of the distinctive fashion centres amongst the world. Its characteristic products and fashion style can compete with the fashion values of other global fashion capitals like Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo. In the popular imagination, which is fed by the stereotyping tendencies of fashion journalism, London has become most associated with the traditional handcrafts of tailoring, shirt-making, hat-making and shoemaking, that underpin the image of the English gentleman, a vibrant subcultural club and street scene, and the nurturing of eccentric and innovative design talent in its famous art schools. All these elements are very important to inspire Hong Kong fashion designers and industrialists to build up their creative fashion collections designs.

Fashion Summit (HK) invited fashion designers, industry practitioners and representatives of fashion brands and industry association to form a Hong Kong Delegation to go visiting London. Delegation members are as follows:

Hong Kong Delegation Members


Day 1 Departure from Hong Kong to London
Day 2 Visit Fashion Design & Contemporary Creativity units
Day 3 Visit London’s famous retailing stores
Interview with selected retailers
Day 4 Visit NGOs of design and sustainability
Day 5 Departure from London