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25 Sep 2020

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How Craftsmanship Combines with Design

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Date 25 September 2020 (Friday)
Time 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Venue 2/F Exhibition Hall, Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA)
63 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, HONG KONG
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10:00 – 10:15 Wool Fibre at a Glance (Click HERE to reivew the presentation)
Mr. Daniel Chan, Business Development Manager of The Woolmark Company
10:15 – 13:30 Craftsmanship Session: Create Your Own Bag (Click HERE for details of craftsmanship kit)
Ms. Debbie Leung, Founder & Fibre Artist of Hong Kong Craft Center
14:45 – 15:45 Case Sharing: Craftsmanship x Upcycling Design
Ms. Debbie Leung, Founder & Fibre Artist of Hong Kong Craft Center
16:00 – 17:30

The intersection of craftsmanship and sustainability, how to reinvent product design?

Ms. Naomi Bailey-Cooper, Fashion Textiles Designer, Artist & Researcher

Ms. Sarah Jane Fergusson, Designer, Redress Design Award Alumna

Mr. Jesse Lee, Fashion Designer, Redress Design Award Alumnus

Ms. Holly McQuillan, Fashion Designer & Author

Moderator: Ms. Morgane Parizot, Education Senior Manager of Redress


Remarks: The co-organisers reserve the right to change the programme, content, session, speakers, format and schedule of the event without prior notice.


Daniel Chan
Business Development Manager of The Woolmark Company

Daniel CHAN, the Business Development Manager, who had joined The Woolmark Company since 2008. He has strong experience and connection in the textiles industry with over 37 years, especially in sweater manufacturing/exporting, knitwear product development and yarn spinning business. He used to introduce the latest merino innovative product development to various industry companies from supply chains to brands & retailers and encourage the usage of merino wool.
Debbie Leung
Founder & Fibre Artist of Hong Kong Craft Center


Debbie was graduated from University of London, Professional Golfers College (U.S.), University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong Polytechnic. She is a qualified lawyer in UK, HK and a golf professional in the U.S.

Her intense passion in art and craft compelled her to take a sharp turn in her career and become a full-time artist two decades ago. She has been experimenting with different media including mosaic, pottery, glass and fibre in her artwork. She custom makes art wearables in felt for individual clients as well as creates decorative pieces for commercial organisations, fashion shows, exhibitions and costumes for celebrities and performance artists at stage. Apart from teaching in different design colleges in Hong Kong from time to time, she has been a visiting lecturer in The Central Academy of Fine Arts (中國中央美術學院), China Fashion Designers’ Association, Penland School of Crafts (U.S.).

She has also worked as art consultant for hotel chains and curated art exhibitions. Her work has been exhibited and collected around the world including China National Silk Museum (中国絲綢博物馆). Her recent project involves reviving cheongsam which is an intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong and sustainable handmade fashion items.
Naomi Bailey-Cooper
Fashion Textiles Designer; Artist and Researcher

Naomi Bailey-Cooper is a fashion textiles designer, artist and researcher exploring values that could shape ethical and long-lasting fashion. Her work places an emphasis on the sensory tactility and aesthetic appeal of materials, working with ahimsa silk, Tencel, banana fibre and less traditional materials seen in textiles such as glass yarn, wild rubber and those sourced from pre-consumer waste streams. Focusing on a more conceptual approach to fashion design outside of the traditional system, Naomi aims to inspire creative methods by which fashion and textiles professionals could incorporate alternative materials and slower life cycles. Naomi has a PhD from London College of Fashion. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, a Climate Reality Leader, and is listed in the Crafts Council Directory. Her work is regularly featured in various exhibitions and publications and through invited talks at conferences, universities and businesses.
Sarah Jane Fergusson
Designer; Redress Design Award Alumna

Sarah Jane Fergusson is the Tokyo based designer behind Amaud. She made her fashion debut by winning the Redress Design Award Special Prize as part of Centrestage 2018.

With a degree in Bespoke Tailoring from London College of Fashion, she gained experience working for fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Missoni.

Her work focuses on sustainability and combines exceptional quality and craftsmanship. A creative problem solver with experience across multiple mediums, Sarah Jane has a passion for finding creative and practical solutions to the wasteful trends of fast fashion.
Jesse Lee
Fashion Designer, Redress Design Award Alumnus

Jesse Lee launched an upcycled Denim collection in 2020 with The R Collective transforming select Levi’s®️ aged inventory and irregular and leftover samples in a creative design effort to prolong denim’s lifespan. He won the Redress Design Award 2018 Second Prize Mentorship with Orsola de Castro as well as the Hong Kong Best Prize the same year. He holds a degree in Fashion Design from Kingston University (UK) and is currently studying a MA program in Menswear in University of Westminster (London, UK).
Holly McQuillan
Fashion Designer & Author

Holly McQuillan’s work in the field of zero waste fashion design, articulates sustainable fashion systems and practice. She focuses on issues such as transition design, the impact of technology and how these can challenge established design, production and use practices. Holly co-authored Zero Waste Fashion Design with Timo Rissanen and together they are currently writing the second edition. She also co-curated Yield: Making fashion without making waste, the first contemporary exhibition focusing on zero waste fashion, and developed the award winning open-source zero waste resource Make/Use. Her work always seeks to broaden the impact of zero waste and sustainable fashion design through research, publication, workshops and lectures. Currently she is a PhD candidate in Artistic Research at the Swedish School of Textiles exploring zero waste systems thinking through the innovative design and production of textile-forms.
Morgane Parizot
Education Senior Manager of Redress

Morgane oversees the education facet of Redress' flagship programme, the Redress Design Award. Trained as a chemist and holding an MSc from the French Textile Engineering School ENSAIT, she has a deep understanding of materials in general and a strong knowledge in textiles. She has over 8 years of experience in the apparel industry with companies such as Adidas and PVH, holding positions in sourcing, product development and more recently product & digital innovation. A certified Design Thinking practitioner with IDEO U and a firm believer that sustainable practices are the only future possible, Morgane is driven by creating human-centric innovative solutions that generate positive impact. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and pushing the sustainability agenda.



Wool Fibre at a Glance

Wool fibres have inherent scales which will interlock with each other and form felting in the presence of heat, water and agitation. Felting from wool is considered to be the oldest known textile and it started from hand craftsmanship and progressed into industrial production. Nowadays, hand felting of wool remains its status in art and craft and is recognized in modern fashion due to both the artistic and practical elements. At the outset of the Design Day, we will have a glance of the wool fibre and felting.



Craftsmanship Session: Create Your Own Bag

In the morning workshop, Debbie (Designer & Fibre Artist) will teach you how to turn the original wool fibre into a bag with multicolour design via hand felting. A special craftsmanship kit with the wool fibre, tools, and accessories will be delivered to your home in Hong Kong. After completion of this workshop, you should know how to perform hand felting with wool fibre and develop your own products.



Case Sharing: Craftsmanship x Upcycling Design

Hand Felting is a craft adopted in Arts and Designs. In the afternoon sharing session, Debbie (Designer & Fibre Artist) will illustrate how to implement craftsmanship with design and creativity to cure, revitalize and upcycle the existing garments into unique new fashions. Debbie will showcase the original and reborn fashion. After watching her demonstration, you are encouraged to develop or upcycle your own designs with creativity to greater extents.



The intersection of craftsmanship and sustainability, how to reinvent product design?

REDRESS will invite 4 local and overseas designers to join this panel discussion. They will discuss on how the revival of old making traditions, new material innovations and reinvention of existing crafts could all contribute to building a sustainable future for fashion.


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